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How can you stay away from Hypoglycemia


The condition in which the person has very low blood sugar levels to maintain adequate energy levels.

In the condition of hypoglycemia, the blood sugar level goes down to 3 mmol/l, whereas the standard blood sugar level as to be 4-7 mmol/l. (1)

- Laboratory tests are required.
- Medical assistance needs to be taken.
- Can affect both men and women at a later stage in life.
- Can be chronic and acute.

Hypoglycemia is the condition where the body’s blood sugar levels are abruptly down and cause severe problems. Often occurring in people who have diabetes, it is a condition that is very harmful to the human body. The causes are unknown but then for diabetic people, not maintaining their blood sugar level to the desired amount engages the onset of the hypoglycemia.


Pale skin: The skin becomes pale and also causes irritability.
Weakness: The body becomes fatigue in nature, and there are constant anxiety attacks. Sweating is also one of the symptoms.
Irregular heartbeat: The heart loses its rhythm and causes tension and hunger at the same time. Shakiness and tingling around the mouth are also observed.


Self-care: Intake of sugar such that your diabetes is in check and does not affect the normal functioning of the body.
Medication: Intake of insulin shots can result in the regulation of blood sugar levels under medical supervision.
Specialists: Consult a doctor to check your diabetes levels. At mfine, we tend to provide you with the best treatment to get rid of the condition in a short span of time.

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