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All you need to know about Diabetic Cystopathy


A common urological problem, which is a complication of Diabetes Mellitus. It is characterized by decreased bladder sensation and increased bladder capacity.

Upto 80% of Diabetes patients suffer from Diabetic Cystopathy. (1)

- Not Self-Diagnosable
- Not Self-Treatable
- Requires lifelong treatment

This condition showcases the effects of diabetes on the bladder of a patient. It is seen more in women than men.


Diagnosis - First, physical examination is conducted along with urological evaluation.
Medical History is also checked by the specialist.

Symptoms include decreased urinary flow and urine tolerance


Vibration Therapy: Holding of a vibrational device to the abdomen helps in full bladder voiding. This is recommended for adults with 45+ years.
Medicines: Medicines help in full bladder voiding, and ultimately reliving the problems of this disease. Botox injections are also recommended nowadays as they reduce the frequency of bladder spasms.

TURP: The operation uses an instrument called resectoscope, which is inserted through the tip of the penis and into the urethra of the patient. Then, the resectoscope is used to remove every excess part of prostate that blocks the urine flow. This is a good option for patients having bladder problems.
Treatments can provide the patient with a new lease of life. Good health is important at every stage of life. At mfine, that is what we care for. Here, you will receive a suitable treatment plan for optimum health.

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