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Xerosis Cutis: Prevention, Management, And Care


A medical condition characterized by abnormal dryness in the skin.
When skin is exposed to the sun for a prolonged time, using strong soap and detergent, having a hot shower can lead to this condition.(1)
- Usually triggered by environmental changes
- More common during winter
- A minor, temporary problem in most cases
- No laboratory tests required
- Often found in older adults
As age goes up, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture leading to dry skin. Living in low humidity areas, dry air, environmental conditions, frequent bathing, over scrubbing of the skin, dehydration, prolonged exposure to sun, etc. can cause xerosis cutis. It is commonly seen among people over 65 years of age.
Ages Affected: 0-20-Less often, 20-40-Often, 40-60-More often, 60 and above- Most often


Dry, itchy skin.
Other symptoms include
- Extremely dry skin in the arms and legs
- Reddish or pinkish skin
- Cracks on the skin
- Tight skin after taking a bath


Self-care: Apply moisturizers regularly. Use an oil-based cream. Take showers in lukewarm water. Stay hydrated. Apply soothing agents. Avoid using alkaline soaps.
Medication: The treatment depends on helping you get relief from the symptoms of xerosis cutis. In case of bacterial or fungal infection or any other skin condition, medication is necessary.
Specialists: A dermatologist will help you identify the reason behind xerosis cutis, and advise you the ways to cope up with the condition. At mfine, we are dedicated to helping you lead a healthy life. Let us help you with finding a specialist.

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