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Winter Eczema: All You Need to Know


Eczema is a medical condition wherein the skin becomes inflamed, dry and red in color. It usually occurs in children, but it can occur in adults as well.
Approximately, 7 in 100 people are diagnosed with atopic dermatitis- a particular type of eczema in India every year. [1]

- Treatable by medication and medical therapy
- Self-diagnosable
- Laboratory tests and imaging are not required
- Eczema resolves within months

In most cases, eczema occurs before the age of 5 and then persists through adolescence.


Eczema has the following symptoms:
- Dryness of skin.
- Severe itching.
- In adults, red patches on the hands, feet, neck, ankles, wrists, upper chest, eyelids, and the knees. In children, the patches appear on the face and scalp.
- Small bumps that may leak pus when scratched.
- Sensitive raw skin that becomes swollen upon scratching.


Moisturize your skin regularly. Try to apply moisturizer at least two times a day. If you have an itching sensation, do not scratch over it. Press over it for relief.

Corticosteroid creams that control itching and help rejuvenate the skin may be prescribed. Apply these creams as directed by your doctor.

An effective way to treat severe eczema is by wrapping the affected area with topical corticosteroids and wet bandages. This technique can be done at home, but it is recommended that people with widespread lesions go to a hospital.

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