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Suffering from rashes? How to Take Care?

About :

Temporary swollen discolouration of the skin in smaller areas or can also be spreaded across the body.

10% of children with fifth disease (a type of viral rash) will have joint pain and possibly joint swelling. [1]

- Medical treatment is required if the rash spreads and lasts more than a week.
- Can happen to anybody but more common in children and young adults.
- Blood tests, patch tests and skin biopsy may be done.
- Rashes may or may not be itchy.
It usually occurs on the legs, arms and trunk. In children and young adults, it is caused due to viral infections whereas a drug reaction can cause a rash in adults. The skin or the immune response is usually damaged by the causal agent.
Ages affected:
Less than 14 years - Most common
Ages 15 to 40 - Common
More than 40 years - Less common

Symptoms :

Symptoms include fever, fatigue, chills, severe cough, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Self diagnosable :
In case there is some visible discolouration or inflammation of the skin, the person should see a physician.

People may experience :
Red spots on skin, red eyes, mouth or tongue, body aches, stiff neck, painful joints, severe headache, unconsciousness, loss of appetite and irritability.

Treatment :

Self care Drinking lots of fluids. Avoid scratching of the affected skin.

Medications   To get relief from the pain, drugs will be prescribed by the doctor.

Specialists   If the rash stays longer than a week, consult a physician or dermatologist. To lead a healthy life, then connect with mfine to get rid of all your health issues.

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