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Unspecified Rosacea: Proper Skin Care And Medication


Unspecified Rosacea has the code L71.9 as per ICD code. Rosacea is a chronic skin disease that causes redness and pus-filled bumps on face.

Rosacea affects literally more than 16 million people in America alone, especially middle-aged women between the age 30-50 years. [1]

- The possible underlying causes of Unspecified Rosacea can be genetics, foods like spicy and very hot foods. It can also be cause by mites, Helicobacter pylori bacteria, extreme changes in temperature, stress, alcohol and smoking, certain drugs.


- Unspecified Rosacea is caused by a combination of factors. The common symptoms of unspecified rosacea can be:
- Redness on face
- Visibility of broken blood vessels
- Red Spots over the skin of the face
- Stinging sensation over the face
- Swelling
- Enlarged bumps

- Diagnosis is done by observing the symptoms, medical history and physical examination.
- Common symptoms are ruled out before recommending medication.


- While there is no proper cure to Unspecified Rosacea, patients are treated as per the causes and symptoms which involves skin care and medications prescribed by doctors.
- Self Care:

- Avoiding products containing alcohol and oil.
- Usage of products gentle on skin.
- Facial massage.
- Stress Management.
- Using sunscreen and moisturizer.

- Medications:
options recommended by doctors are:
- Antibiotics
- Acne medication like Isotretinoin
- Metronidazole
- Mirvaso

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