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Topical steroid-dependant face: Its Symptoms and treatments


Skin partially or fully damaged due to the prolonged use of topical corticosteroids (TCs).

TCs have addictive properties as well due to the presence of steroids in it [1]

- Can harm any gender who use it regularly
- Medical treatment is required instead of self-care
- This condition is noncontagious and does not spread when it comes in contact with others
- This condition can be diagnosed under the guidance of a medical expert only.

Topical Steroid Dependent Face (TSDF) is a condition in which TCs used in various dermatological diseases are inadvertently misused. The abuse of TCs, especially over the face, is a subject of concern all over the world. The chronic misuse of this drug results in psychological and physical (cutaneous) dependence on it.

Ages affected- A person of any age using the TCs for a prolonged period of time suffers from this condition.



Self-diagnosable is not possible as TSDF can be determined and diagnosed by dermoscopy only.

People may experience
- Redness and flaking of the skin
- Swelling
- Fluid oozing from the skin
- Red swollen arms
- Increased sensitivity to heat and cold
- Fatigue
- Depression
- Nerve pain



- Applying Vaseline, jojoba oil, hemp oil, shea butter, zinc oxide
- Colloidal oatmeal bath
- Ice and cool compresses
- Epsom salt bath
- Also switching to soaps, laundry detergents, and other toiletries meant for sensitive skin.
- Wearing clothes made of 100% cotton to prevent further irritation.


- Antibacterial ointment
- Antibiotics to prevent skin infections
- Sleep-aids on doctors prescription

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