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Tinea Manuum- What can Ringworms cause?


Tinea Manuum is considered as the fungal infection of the hands. Tinea literally means Ringworm and Manuum is Hana redds. It causes, scaly rash with a slightly raised border.

Tinea Manuum is often misdiagnosed because it appears very similar to Hand Dermatitis, Psoriasis and Keratolysis Exfoliativa. [1]

- Body parts usually affected are hands, feet, groin, scalp, beard, toenails and fingernails
- It is contagious
- Touching objects contaminated with fungus can also result in the infection
- It can spread through animals like cats, dogs, cows too

Tinea Manuum can affect any age group and is not restricted to particular sexes too. Anyone sensitive to fungal infection can get this disorder.


The very common symptoms for Tinea Manuum can be:
- The infected area on the hand will initially be small & become larger over time
- The infection may or may not spread to the fingers or the back of the hand
- The infected area will be itchy, red with a scaly appearance
- The infected area can also peel off and flake


Self Care: Preventing Tinea Manuum is possible by keeping hands clean and dry. Also, avoiding contact with those who are infected by this disorder can prevent the spread of the disease. If there is any occurrence of Tinea in any other part of the body then it should not be scratched with hands. Wearing gloves while treating other areas can be an effective method to avoid spreading of the disorder.

Medication: If the infection persists for long, then doctors can recommend a topical medication, antifungal agents. If this does not prove to be successful then the doctor may prescribe oral antifungal medicines.

Specialists: For any requirement, consult a dermatologist at the earliest. We at mfine can help you with various fields of health issues. You can get in touch with us for a holistic treatment program.

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