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Tinea faciei: Everything You Need to Know.


Rash-like formations on the face that is caused because of fungus from the feet and also on the onset of ringworm on the face.

About 19% of the total population in the world happen to get Tinea faciei. [1]

- Common to both genders of all ages.
- Can be both acute and chronic.
- Proper medical assistance is required.

Tinea faciei is a condition wherein rash-like formations occur on the face, except the beard and mustache areas. These are caused mainly because of fungus from the feet. Other main cause could be the formation of ringworms on the face. Usually, it occurs on the edge of the lips, cheeks, and eyes. Not deadly, but needs medicinal assistance to get rid of the infection.


- Scaly patches red rash-like formation near the lips, eyes, and cheeks that gives you a clear indication of the onset of the infection.
- Blisters formation of blisters and water accumulation is very common.
- Ring-shaped formation although there might be no ringworm, but then you can see ringworm-like formation on the back of your neck or on the cheeks. Depending on the severity of the infection.


- Self-care take bath properly with an anti-fungal soap and lotion to get rid of any infection. Also, have a balanced diet and keep yourself clean.
- Medication use of antifungal creams and lotions help in the eradication of the condition.
- Specialist try to be in touch with doctors to eradicate the condition completely. At mfine, we help in the total prevention of the infection and give you positive results in a short span of time.

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