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Tinea corporis also known as ringworm disease caused mainly due to the fungus infection by the bacteria dermatophytes. Such an affliction can happen in the arms, on the glabrous skin and other parts of the body coming in direct contact with the bacteria. Though considered as a simple infection, such a disease is known to cause a variety of problems for the patient requiring the services of a dermatologist.

Tinea Corporis Symptoms

Tinea corporis symptoms in the body can result from an infestation of the bacteria concentrated at a single spot. Most easily identified as enlarging red rings like infection, such an affliction shows the following symptoms:

  • Appearance of ringworm
  • The rash appears scaly and elevated
  • Hair loss in the area of infection

Causes of Tinea Corporis

There are a wide variety of ways as to how tenia corporis causes can affect the body. Factors like crowded and humid conditions, sweating excessively, playing close contact sports like soccer, rugby, or wrestling, constrictive clothing, etc. can all result in contracting such a disease.

Tinea Corporis and Candidal Intertrigo

Tinea Corporis and candidal intertrigo are both bacterial infections of the caused by a separate set of bacteria butresult in similar afflictions. Both share identical properties in relation with both symptoms and causesand is known to occur in humid conditions requiring treatment from an expert dermatologist in case of an infection.

Diagnosing Tinea Corporis

A tinea corporis specialist can usually effectively diagnose such problem examining a skin sample from the affected area to observe it under a microscope. This may help to determine the cause and determine thetreatmentaside from usinga  visual examination to confirm the symptoms.

Tinea Corporis Treatment

Tinea Corporis treatment generally involves the use of allylamine or azole. Terbinafine and naftifine may also work as an effective antibacterial and antifungal medication for such cases.

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