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All You need to Know About Alopecia Areata


Alopecia areata is a common hair loss problem affecting almost everyone.
More than 17 genes have been associated with alopecia areata and scientists expect there are still more genes to be discovered. [1]

- Unpredictable causes of acute hair loss
- Lab tests required
- Occurs mostly in men
- Chronic if not treated immediately
Alopecia areata can be ruled out as a common hair loss problem, which affects almost everyone at a point in their lives. This causes their hair to fall out in small patches, which shapes in a visible difference in the pattern of the hair style, causing temporary or even permanent baldness among people. The disease attacks the roots of the hair follicles and then spreads onto the entire scalp within few days. Also with acute symptoms, some people may lose their eyelashes and produce lower growth of facial hair.
Ages affected - Fewer: between 20-30 years; More often: between 40-50 years; Often: between 60-70 years


Symptoms can include baldness or even total hair loss during acute conditions. Sometimes when the Alopecia areata is crucial and have reached its end point, the deadly virus may even stop the hair from growing back again.
People may experience:
Pattern baldness – Mostly around the centre part of their hair.
Itchiness – At regular intervals during hair fall.
Other affected part of the body – Generally hair fall in other parts of the body as well.


Self-care: At present, there is no certain cure for Alopecia areata, and so doctors have prescribed to take care of the hair in the most efficient ways possible with regular treatments and nourishment.
Medications: For acute hair loss, medications like hair serum or scalp oil can help to regulate the growth of the hair.
Specialists: For best option to avoid losing hair, consult a good hair specialist. With mfine, you can get a holistic treatment and the finest of services regarding your health concerns and issues.

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