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Tear Trough Hollowing: Know About the Cosmetic Treatments for the Condition Tear Trough Hollowing: How Dermal Fillers Can Help?


Hollow at the intersection between the bottom eyelids and cheeks.

The causes of TT deformity include ethnicity, volume loss with age, laxity, and changes in skin thickness, hyperpigmentation and the prominent pooling of superficial venous vessels contributing to the illusion of depth. [1]

-Can happen to both men and women.
-Requires medical consultation if eye hollows make you appear older and more tired.
-May require Eye Imaging Tests.

As you age, your eye socket tends to become hollow, making you look exhausted and old. The tear trough hollowing can start in mid-twenties and continue till old age. Cosmetic procedures such as Facial Rejuvenation can solve this problem and make you appear youthful. Moreover, it removes tear troughs, under eye hollows and eye bags. Synthetic fillers or lower eye surgery can also enhance your appearance.


The symptoms include deep dark hollows that cover the lower eyelid, upper cheek, and nose.

People may experience:
Shrinkage of the bone - Downward movement of the cheek pad due to aging.
Dark circles and droopy eyes - Dark circles begin to appear by the late twenties.


Surgical Procedure- fat transfer from one part of the body to fill the hollows underneath the eyes. Blepharoplasty can also be performed to remove the fat from beneath the eyes.

Non-Surgical Procedure- Dermal fillers made from Hyaluronic acid can be used to fill the tear troughs. This procedure is performed under medical supervision.

Specialists- You can contact a cosmetic surgeon or an optician for tear trough hollowing treatment. At mfine, we ensure that you receive the best healthcare at reasonable prices. Contact us today to know more about tear trough hollowing treatments.

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