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What are hemorrhoids


Swollen veins in the anus as well as lower rectum are known as hemorrhoids.

It is very common ailment and almost three out of four adult get affected by it from time to time.

-Can be treated by a doctor
-Can be diagnosed properly by an affected individual
-In most cases laboratory tests or imaging are not required
-A chronic one, can last for many years or be lifelong

They have various causes. But often it is unknown. Hemorrhoids may occur due to straining at the time of bowel movements or may be as a result of increased pressure on these veins in pregnant women. Some people also get affected by hemorrhoids if other family members such as their parents ever had them. Individuals who have a habit of standing or sitting for a long period of time are also at a greater risk of getting affected by hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids may be present inside the rectum and are known as internal hemorrhoids or can also develop under the skin around the anus and are known as external hemorrhoids.
Sometimes hemorrhoids will cause no symptom. But they are many effective ways to treat hemorrhoids.


People may experience:

Pain areas: in the rectum
Pain circumstances: occurs while sitting
Gastrointestinal: bleeding during bowel movements, itching sensation or irritation in the anal region, swelling around the anus and appearance of a lump near the anus
Common symptoms: constipation


Self-care: Include foods containing high fiber such as fruits, vegetables as well as whole grains in your diet, drink enough water and exercise.
Medications: Steroids, anaesthetic and dietary supplement.
Specialists: In severe cases contact an experienced medical professional who will diagnose and treat the disease. At Mfine, we will guide you properly and help you to get rid of your ailment.

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