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All You Need to Know About Skin Whitening


Skin Whitening or lightening is the process of reducing the melanin pigment in the skin to achieve a brighter complexion.

According to a study conducted by WHO, 61% of women in India use skin lightening creams. (1)

- Melanin determines the color of the skin.
- Melanin production is affected by exposure to sun, chemicals, etc.
- Bleaching and Laser surgery can be used for effective results.
- Skin whitening is also used to treat freckles, age spots, acne, etc.

Skin whitening is a treatment of the skin, where the complexion of the skin is lightened to achieve a fair colored skin. It is generally done by reducing the amount of melanin content, which is the main cause of darker complexion.

Ages: People of all age groups but adults are more into it.


Self-care: Home remedies can be used such as applying face packs from sandalwood, turmeric, yogurt etc.

Medication: Antioxidants can be used to reduce melanin content upon advice from your doctor.

Specialist: Consult a dermatologist for better guidance. The doctor may suggest you skin treatment such as bleaching, laser surgery etc. Book an appointment with Mfine, our specialized treatments and therapies will help you get a glowing and beautiful fair skin.

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