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3. Her all you must know about sun tan


Darkening of skin, usually due to exposure to the sun

The photoprotective response to ultraviolet-induced DNA damage is called tanning.[1]

1. Body’s safety mechanism from overexposure to the sun
2. Production of melanin is characterized the response to UV attack

Tanning is usually understood and considered as a protection mechanism against overexposure to sun. The ultraviolet radiations, which are proven to be harmful for the human body is unavoidable, when skin is exposed to the sun.

Too much of sun can mean dangerous amounts of UV exposure, even resulting in the onset of skin cancer. As a protective measure to the UV attack, the skin tends to produce excessive melanin. This production of the skin pigment results in darkening of the skin of skin tan.


Does tan always mean safety to you?
An associated phenomenon with tanning of the skin is skin burn. In fact, certain professionals claim that melanin production and consequent tanning of the skin doesn’t begin until the UV rays from the sun have already caused some amount of damage, resulting in skin burning. This is exactly why recreational or cosmetic tanning is highly objectionable.


Self-care: Treating a sun tan or a sunburn must start as soon as one realizes the occurrence. Avoidance is recommended in the form of resting under a sheltered area if prolonged exposure is expected or using proper protective sunblock.

Specific care and Medication: In case of burning prior to the tan, soaking the inflicted area in cool water followed by moisturizing the same is advised. Use of hydrocortisone cream and over-the-counter pain relievers is suggested in case of persistent blistering.

For further concern, contact a dermatologist. At mfine, you will receive a holistic treatment plan for optimum health.

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