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Surgical scars A brief know-how


Often surgical procedures leave behind nasty looking scars and marks on the body, which may need to be removed for cosmetic purposes.
Its a hoax that scars turn lighter in due course and fade away - infected wounds, hypertrophic scars are some examples of scars which persist without any special treatment. 

-- Usually self-diagnosable
-- Isnt contagious - doesnt spread easily
-- Lab tests or imaging rarely required
-- Medium to long-term - may take years for scars to fade

Surgeries often beget scars which take a long time to fade. Scars vary in appearance, some may have a pitted appearance, others can be visible as stretched skin.

Ages affected - Between 0 and 25: Less often; Between 25 and 55: Predominant; 55 and above: More often


People may experience:
Effect on the skin - may disfigure skin, itches, rashes
Also common - Anxiety due to spoiled appearance of oneself


Ointments and skin creams such as Mederma and Bio Oil are hugely popular in making scars less noticeable and fading them away.

Following are some techniques recommended by doctors to improve the appearance of skin affected by scars:
1) Dermabrasion
2) Treatments such as Vitamin E or cocoa butter cream
3) Prescription creams, or gels

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