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Scanty Hair Growth? Possible Reasons


This condition is characterized by a less or insufficient quantity of hair growth on your scalp or body. It may be due to several factors or any underlying condition.

As per American Hair Loss Association, 2/3 of men will start experiencing thinning of their hair by the age of 35. [1]

- Common condition
- Prevalent among males and females
- May be treated with attention
- Severe cases may require medical treatment

The condition may lead to hair loss across your body or scalp. It may be due to several factors such as nutrition, diet, hormonal changes, or any underlying condition. The hair in the body may be taking more time than required to grow.

Ages affected: May occur in any age group; incidence is unknown.


Self-diagnosable: Symptoms of bad hair growth and excessive hair loss should be reported to a doctor. The proportion of hair loss and hair growth if not matched can lead to baldness at times.

People may experience:
Hair loss - Mild-to-severe hair loss
Gradual thinning - Thinning of hair
Scaling - Patches of scaling which may spread to other areas as well


Self-care: Good vitamin supplements and diet should be taken. Nutrition is an important element in this condition. Avoid smoking, tight hairstyles, and harsh treatments.

Medications: Depending on the condition, medication, as well as supplements, may be prescribed.

Specialists: If the situation of hair loss and slow hair growth persists, it is advisable to consult a medical professional. At mfine, we are here to provide you with complete information and a total health-care program as per your needs and requirements.

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