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Ringworm and What To Learn About It


A fungal infection that affects the upper layer of the skin.

Studies show that 20 to 50% of fungal infections in humans originate from animals infected with ringworm [1]

-Usually resolves within two weeks
-Affects the skin and nails
-May lead to complications in some cases

Ringworm is a type of skin condition that's characterized by its scaly appearance, itchiness, and circular rings which make it look like a worm. It's known to spread from skin-to-skin contact and in rare instances, people may contract it from infected soil.
Risk factors for this condition increase if you live in a region with hot climate, are in contact with infected individuals, or if you have a weak immune system.


Classic symptoms of ringworm infections include red and scaly patches on the skin which slowly develop to form a circular appearance.

People also experience

Hair falling out in patches
small bumps on the scalp or sores
Scaly and reddish patches which become circular and raised


Self-care: Do not wear tight or restrictive clothing and avoid sharing bedding, clothes, or physical items with others. You can take antifungal medications or creams for mild cases.

Medications: OTC antifungal topical medications are recommended for mild ringworm cases. For more serious cases, your doctor will prescribe ointment creams or antifungal pills for treatment.

Specialists: Complications of ringworm include worsening of any underlying conditions or infections you have beside it. To receive high-quality treatment from experts in the healthcare industry, you can contact our team of medical professionals at Mfine today.

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