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Pseudofolliculitis Barbae: Everything To Know


Bumps and inflammation on skin because of shaving.

Between 45-85% of African-American males experience pseudofolliculitis barbae.[1]

Requires physical examination for diagnosis
Males are likely to experience it more than females

Pseudofolliculitis barbae is also known as razor bumps. It occurs as a result of shaving. The bumps happen when curly hairs get inside the hair follicles. It develops on the face and can also be seen on underarm, groin, and legs. They are more than just an annoyance; in some cases, they can cause permanent damage if they are not treated.

Age affected: Between 14-18- rare; above 18- most often


Clusters of small, red, or dark bumps around hair follicles.
Itching and pain on the skin.
Darkening of the skin.
Small papules.
Pustules (pus-filled, blister-like lesions)


Self-care: At home, you can apply aloe vera gel, exfoliating scrub, and tea tree oil on shaved area. In addition, you can apply other moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe you painkillers in case of pain and antibacterial lotions to reduce the bumps on the skin.

Specialists: You can consult a dermatologist at mfine, for better understanding about this disease and get treated with a holistic treatment program.

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