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Vaginal Itching And The Basics


Vaginal itching is inflammation of the genital areas marked by the sensation of itching. It's also known as pruritus of the genital area.

In India, over 200 million cases of vaginal itching occur every year [1]

-Requires medical diagnosis and a pelvic exam
-Treatment depends on the underlying cause of the condition
-Also affects diabetics and anyone with urinary incontinence
-Takes a few days to weeks to resolve

Vaginal itching or pruritus of the genital area is inflammation that causes an urge to itch. The underlying causes behind it could be yeast infections,
sexually transmitted diseases, skin disease, menopause and bacterial vaginosis. Using specific hygiene products, fabric softeners, or any substances/drugs that worsen the itching may lead to complications.


The most common symptoms of vaginal are difficulty urinating and discomfort during sexual intercourse when you have vaginal itching.

People also experience

Vaginal discharge - that smells foul and is dull gray or white
Genital warts and gonorrhoea - that results from sexually transmitted diseases
Pain in the genital region and tenderness
Ulcers or blisters


Self-care: For those who experience vaginal itching, cleansing the genital area with warm water and avoiding scented soaps and products like vaginal sprays is just the start. Wear cotton underwear and use condoms during sexual intercourse always.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe specific antifungal medications, BV with antibiotics, or medically-prescribed creams or pills to take for your vaginal itching.

Specialists: If the underlying cause of your vaginal itching is an STD or vulvar cancer, it is a reason to be concerned. At mfine, our healthcare professionals create tailor-made treatment plans that help you recover fast and live a life without compromises.


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