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What exactly is pediculosis pubis?


Type of lice infestation in the genital areas due to various reasons.

Studies have shown that there are 7 out of 73 people in the UK that have this problem. [1]

- lab testing is required.
- Proper medical care and assistance need to be provided.
- Affects men and women at a later age.
- Can get acute and chronic.

Pubic lice or also known as crabs are certain types of lice that harvest on the hair that grows near your genital region. They feed on human blood and cause irritation and can spread if you ever have any kind of sexual contact. Sexual contact is one of the many reasons as to why the condition arises in the first place, but then not maintaining a hygienic and healthy body is another main reason.


- Fever causes low-grade fever to rapidly spread across the body.
- Irritation there is unprecedented irritation caused in the genital region.
- Weakness energy is significantly drained in day-to-day life. Also, your sexual life takes a big hit.


- Self-care maintain a healthy and hygienic genital region.

- Medication application of lotions and creams also help and you can have certain prescription medicines that help in fighting off crabs from the region.

- Specialist get in touch with a doctor when the condition goes beyond control. At mfine, we give you instant relief by offering you the best care and treatment to cure the condition immediately.

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