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What Happens During a Body Lice Infestation?


The parasitic infestation of body parts and clothes by Pediculosis humanus corporis.
Good hygiene and regularly washing clothing and bed linens are generally enough to treat and prevent infestations of body lice.[1]

- Physical examination by a general physician is enough for confirmation.
- Affects both men and women.
- Lab tests might be required.
- Can be physically irritating.

Body lice are parasitic insects that require a human host to survive as they are only found on humans. Without contact with a host, a body lice dies within one week. Despite this dependency, the lice lay their eggs in the seams of a person’s clothing.
Ages Affected no particular age group faces a high risk as a body lice infestation is independent of the age factor.


Partially Selfdiagnosable
Symptoms include darkening and thickening of the skin near the waist or groin, rashes, and presence of tiny eggs in the seams of the clothing.

People May Experience
Itching extremely irritable itching
Skin issue red bumps and rashes on the skin due to an allergic reaction to the lice bites.


Self- care: Taking hot water showers and laundering linen in hot water. Maintaining a clean and tidy hygiene.

Medication: Topical corticosteroids and antihistamines can be taken when prescribed by a doctor. Systemic antibiotics help with skin infections.

Specialists: One can opt for other treatments after consulting a dermatologist. At mfine, we offer comfort and convenience for patients looking for medical advice and treatment.

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