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Papular urticaria: All you need to know


Papular urticaria is an allergic reaction to stings or insect bites and shows up as red bumps on the skin surface.

A study of 2437 children conducted by the World Allergy Organisation Journal, revealed that 20% of the children suffered from papular urticaria.[1]

- Medical assistance is required for diagnosis and treatment.
- May take a few days to a few months for complete healing.
- Can lead to hypersensitivity of the skin.
- Mostly occurs on face, legs, and forearms.

Bites of bed bugs, mites, caterpillars, mosquitoes and fleas can cause this condition. Factors that contribute to papular urticaria are the presence of insects at home, warm and tropical climate, poverty, and daily use of public transport.
Ages affected: Children under ten years of age are most susceptible to this condition.


Red bumps on the skin
Redness of skin
Pain in the affected area

People may experience:
Swelling or inflammation


Self-care Soap can be applied immediately after the bite. Insect repellent should be applied on the skin before going outside the house.

Medications Antibiotic creams can be applied or oral antibiotics taken to prevent infection. Steroid creams and oral antihistamines can be taken on doctor's prescription.

Specialists If there is severe itching after an insect bite and if it stays for an extended period, you will need to consult a general physician or a dermatologist. Book an appointment with mfine to get rid of all your health disorders and to live a healthy life.

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