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1. Psoriasis on hands and feet: Everything you need to know
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Palmoplantar Psoriasis is the chronic condition of having red, scaly patches on hands and feet.

A majority of people with Palmoplantar Psoriasis are smokers or former smokers.

- An autoimmune disorder that causes skin cells to develop too quickly
- Needs a medical diagnosis
- Treatable by a medical professional

The exact cause of this type of psoriasis is unknown, but specialists say that factors are genetic and environmental.

Ages affected-All ages are susceptible


Primarily red, dry patches in various patterns on hands and feet.

People may experience:
- Patches of raised, thickened skin
- Redness and scaling
- An itching and burning sensation
- Pain
- Cracking and bleeding


This condition is not curable, but there are ways to manage it.

- Moisturize your hands and feet multiple times a day
- Keep hands and feet in the sun (UV rays) as much as possible

- Medicated ointments-Corticosteroids
- Antibiotic creams
- Coal tar products, which include creams, ointments, and gels that slow skin growth and ease itchiness

As its an autoimmune disease, its important to see a specialist for this condition. At MFine, we say this because we care about you. To improve your overall health and strengthen your immune system, we encourage you to try our holistic treatment program.

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