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Hyperpigmentation of an Eye: Causes and Symptoms


It is a condition of dermal melanocytes creating bluish or brownish patch near eye due to increased amounts of melanin-producing cells.

It is most frequent in Asian populations. Prevalence is around 0.2% to 0.6% in the Japanese population; true incidence not clearly known.[1]

- Mostly caused by birth
- Caused mostly around the eye area, otherwise nose and cheeks
- Laser treatment may be often required
- May likely develop glaucoma
- Regular check-ups required
- More prevalent among females than males

The condition is caused by excess melanocytes in tissues of the eyes. This causes hyperpigmentation around the eyes and eye area. No definite causes of nevus of Ota are known; however, some believe it is because of genetic mutation.

Ages affected: Mostly comes through birth, few acquired from adolescence.


Self-diagnosable: Symptoms of bluish or brownish patch near the eye area, cheeks, nose, forehead, or whites of eyes should be reported to medical professionals immediately.

People may experience:
Skin patch - Hyperpigmented skin patch which is of blue or brown color
Tissues - Thickening of tissues around the eyes
Spread - The pigmentation may spread or grow over time


Self-care: Any observation of discoloration around the abovementioned areas should be reported to a doctor. Regular check-ups are required during the condition.

Medications: It requires a medical diagnosis to understand the condition. Depending on the situation, the doctor may suggest laser treatments, therapies, or medications for the discoloration. Cosmetic products may also be suggested to cover the pigmentation patch.

Specialists: Any of the abovementioned symptoms observed should be reported to a medical professional. We, at mfine, are here to support you and provide you with a holistic treatment program for your health care requirements.

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