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Nail Pigmentation: Everything to Know


Nail pigmentation, also known as melanonychia is a condition of brown or black line formation on the nails.

Over 20% of Japanese people are affected by nail pigmentation.

- Dermatoscopic examination is required for diagnosis.
- Can be caused in both, finger and toenails
- Can be cancerous
- Immediate medical assistance is required.

It can be caused due to several factors such as pregnancy, trauma, Hyperthyroidism, Phototherapy, Chemotherapy and more. Melanonychia usually originates in the distal nail matrix. In some cases, the melanonychia is due to some other underlying health issue. The most important part of it is its diagnoses, as is the cause.

Age affected: Any age group but is generally seen in adults.


They are self-diagnosable and include black or brown line formation on the nails.

People may experience
- Granular looking pigmentation
- Deformity of the nails
- Discolored nail plates


Self-care: It is self-curable if the cause is non-cancerous and benign.

Medication: If the cause is an infection, antifungal and antibiotics are advised. However, they should strictly be taken with doctor's consultation.

Specialist: It is highly recommended that you seek medical advice as this can be cancerous. At Mfine, our specialized doctors provide you with the best treatment for your health disorders.

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