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Nail pigmentation: Symptoms and Treatment


Fine lines or discoloration on the nail of the fingers or toes.

Approximately two thirds to three quarters of subungual melanomas are pigmented and their earliest sign is then a longitudinal melanonychia.[1]

- Diagnosed by a doctor
- Lab tests and imaging may be required
- May be acute or chronic

Nail pigmentation may be a condition that appears on the fingernails or toenails. The pigmentation usually appears in the form of thin lines or discoloration. While these may be due to normal causes, it is advisable to always have them checked out by a medical professional as they may be a sign of a serious underlying health concern.


Visible lines or striations on the nails are the most common symptom of this condition. You can consult a doctor for a confirmed diagnosis of the condition.
Medically diagnosed: A doctor may diagnose the condition after an exam and/ or a biopsy.

Thin fine lines on the nail
Discoloration that is brownish or grey
Irregular structure of the nail plate
Pigmentation that appears rough and gritty


Self-care: In case the condition is caused due to consumption of medicines or hormonal changes, the doctor may suggest lifestyle modifications.

Medicines: Infections may cause pigmentation for which antibiotics may be prescribed

Surgery: In case the pigmentation is cancerous, a part of the nail may be removed. In severe cases, amputation of the finger or toe may be required.

Specialists: Immediate consultation with a physician for any nail pigmentation is recommended. You can join us at mfine, for a detailed and holistic treatment plan for any health concern.

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