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All You Need to Know About Mucosal Vitiligo


Vitiligo is a condition of skin where it loses its color in patches. Mucosal vitiligo is the condition in which vitiligo affects areas around mucous membranes.

As per as studies conducted, females (56%) outnumber males (44%) in terms of contacting the disease, with a minimum age of 4 years and 76 years of maximum age affecting the disease. [1]

- Can be self-diagnosed
- Treatment options available
- A medical history may be needed
- Biopsy of skin and blood test may be needed
- Use of UV light to confirm the problem may be needed

Mucosal vitiligo is a form of vitiligo that especially occurs around mucous membranes across the body like around mouth and nose. It is characterized by a loss of skin color and pigmentation. The extent of the color loss is unpredictable. It can also occur internally, inside mouth.


Self-diagnosable The most apparent visibility of vitiligo is discolored patches of skin especially in the sun-exposed areas of the body.
Loss of skin color
Premature whitening of hairs, eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard.
Discoloration of the internal tissues or mucous membranes like inside nose and mouth
Change (or loss) of the color of the retina (inner eyeball layer)


Self-care: Application of self-tanning products or makeup.
Medicines: No drug can prevent skin discoloration. Some drugs coupled with light therapy may help.
A corticosteroid cream may help prevent discoloration, especially in the initial stages.
Light therapy combined with psoralen may help color reproduction in light patches.
In case the vitiligo is widespread, depigmentation treatment might help

Specialists: A dermatologist will be the best person to treat this condition. In severe cases, surgery may be required. Keep an eye on mfine to get more guidance concerning dermatology.

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