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Everything to know about Mole


Moles are common pigmented skin lesions, generally developing during adulthood.
Moles are very common disease. More than 10 million cases of moles are reported every year in India. [1]

-Treatment is be done by a medical professional
-Lab tests or imaging is not required generally
-Can last for years or be lifelong

Most people develop several moles throughout adulthood. Moles are formed anywhere on the body, commonly in the areas exposed to the sun. They are generally brown, slightly raised and smooth. In most of the cases, a nevus doesn't require treatment as it is benign. Very rarely, they turn into melanoma or other skin cancers. A nevus that changes shape grows bigger or darkens should be evaluated for removal. [1]


Usually self-diagnosable
Moles are slightly swollen areas on the skin especially on the areas which are sun-exposed and have brown colour and is smooth in texture.
People may experience:
Skin: darkening of the skin or small bump
If any of these symptoms are noticed, the doctor should be consulted to get medical care.


Generally, a nevus is benign and treatment is rarely required. Very few cases are registered when they turn into skin cancers. A mole that changes shape grows bigger or darkens should be removed as soon as possible.
Sun protective clothes can protect the skin from exposure to dangerous UV rays which damages the skin over time.

Using a sunscreen can protect it from exposure to the dangerous UV rays which can damage the skin over time.
Sun protective clothing
Reduces exposure to UV rays, which can damage the skin over time.

There are various creams, vitamins and supplements available on doctors prescription.

For other kinds, consult a physician or a Dermatologist. At mfine, were here to help you with every possible treatment.

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