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Do you have deep red rashes on your skin? You must know why


Miliaria Crystallina is a skin condition where the skin experiences rashes due to excessive heat.

Befalls not only babies, but adults as well.

- Requires check-up if happens to babies
- Happens mostly due to immature sweat glands in babies
- People living in the tropical climate are more prone to Sudamina
- Requires medical diagnosing

Also known as Sudamina, Miliaria Crystallina is a kind of a rash on the skin which transpires due to obstruction of the sweat glands. Adults experience Sudamina if they are involved in an intense physical activity which makes them sweat a lot, or people who are prone to a tropical climate or those who over dress. Overheating of the body is just one more reason
Ages affected- 2 to 40+ too often


Symptoms include rashes on the skin in the area which causes friction due to clothing, which must be shown to a physician.

People may experience
- Fever or chills in the body
- Puss drawing off from the wounds
- Increased pain or sweating or redness around the affected area
- Swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, neck or bouche


Over-dressing must be avoided and tight clothes that irritate the skin. Stay in shade when too hot.

For symptoms that last longer, apply anhydrous lanolin and isotretinoin. Furthermore antibiotics can also help.

For even more prolonged symptoms it is highly recommended to visit the doctor. We at MFine offer online doctor consultation. Try for yourself.

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