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Localized Hyperhidrosis: Excessive Sweating


Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by excessive sweating. This can be localized or affect the face and body.

A high concentration of sweat glands in the human body is observed in hands, feet, armpits, and groin. [1]

- Most often, this is infectious
- Affects 3% of the general population
- Treatable by a medical professional


- Excessive sweating at least once a week for no reason
- Wet palms
- Wet soles of the feet
- Noticeable seating capable of wetting the clothes
- Irritating skin problems like fungal or bacterial infections
- Body odor caused due to sweating
This situation may lead the patient to feel self-conscious all the times and might affect his/her social life.


People rarely seek medical help unaware that this condition can be treated. Use of antiperspirants available in the market can help.

Medical or Surgical Interventions:
If that doesn't work and for an effective treatment, there are surgical ways available. In endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, the sympathetic nerves that produce sweat are cut.
Most of the surgical methods adopted for localized hyperhidrosis involve removal of overactive sweat glands.
Over-the-counter antiperspirants can be chosen for treating localized hyperhidrosis.
Anticholinergic drugs are used in cases of severely generalized sweating.

Consult a physician to know the options available for you in treating this condition. mfine is here to help you with getting in touch with your doctor in the fastest way possible through its online services.

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