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What are Keloids and How can Keloids be Treated?


Smooth and hard growths formed by excessive growths of scar tissues are known as keloids.

An estimated 10 % of people experience keloids.

-Can be treated by a doctor
-Mostly self-diagnosable
-Laboratory tests or imaging are not needed
-It is a chronic condition that lasts for years or lifetime

Both men and women equally get affected by keloids. People who have dark complexion are more prone to this type of scarring. Keloids are genetically transmitted. Other than this, if you are pregnant and younger than 30 years old then the risk associated with the formation of keloids is also increased. It has been observed that most types of injury that affect the skin can cause keloids. For example, acne scars, ear piercing, burns, scratches, and scars of chickenpox can be the most common causes of keloids.


Some of the keloids appear to be smooth whereas others are either nodular or may be ridged.

People may experience:
Most common: Appearance of a localized area that is either flesh-colored, pink or red, the appearance of a lumpy or a ridged skin area which is mostly raised and itching sensation.


Self-care: Use pressure, pads of silicone gels and moisturizing oils to let the tissue stay soft.

Medications: Corticosteroid injections in order to minimise inflammation.

Specialists: In extreme cases, laser treatments and radiation are required. At mfine, we have medical professionals who will assist you and treat any condition with extreme care. So get in touch with us immediately to get rid of keloids easily.

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