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Infantile Acne: Bumps On Your Baby’s Skin


Also called baby acne, infantile acne corresponds to a condition in children of really young age like two months or older. In baby acne, red bumps or whiteheads develop on the newborn's face and body.

It is reported that about 20 percent of newborns have acne and breakouts and the condition is referred to as neonatal acne. [1]

- Occurs in babies of two months to one year old
- Seen more often in baby boys
- Occasionally, medical help is required
- May last for months or years


- The appearance of small red or white bumps on the skin; especially on cheeks, nose, and forehead
- Reddish skin around the pimples
- In some babies, these are found on upper back or neck
- Getting irritated with the touch of rough fabrics


In most of the babies, this acne come by birth and fades away gradually in months. One can get rid of these through some easy steps:
- Keeping the face clean: Use mild soaps containing less of chemicals to keep the baby clean
- Use only soft fabrics
- Avoid rubbing and squeezing the acne
- Avoid using harsh chemical products on skin

You can use compounds like benzoyl peroxide or other antibiotic gels containing erythromycin. Sometimes, Certain drugs can be used to avoid permanent scarring.

Most of the times, these baby acne goes away by using OTC products. In case, you are much worried about your baby's skin; you can always get in touch with any of our dermatologists at mfine in minutes of your appointment.

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