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Do Rashes Make Your Baby Restless? See If Its A Cause Of Worry!


Infantile rashes are a type of rashes and red patches seen in newborns or infants.

Premature babies (33 - 34 weeks of gestation) have a higher predisposition to neonatal rashes. [1]

- Common in newborns
- Can be a side effect of common viral infections
- Usually, these rashes are only superficial and resultantly harmless

The sensitive skin of newborns and infants makes it highly likely to develop localized spots or bruises collectively termed as an infantile rash. These are usually caused due to the common infections faced by infants, and most commonly deemed harmless. However, rashes persisting for an extended period or brightly colored spots that do not discolor over time need immediate medical help.


Present themselves in different appearance and form. Common types include:
- Red, flat areas; mainly raised patches or bruised areas
- Neonatal acne
- Mongolian spot (grey-blue, flat spots);
- Salmon patches (simple nests of blood vessels, self-fading)


Self-care: Most cases of infantile rashes are self-curing and do not need any special care.

Medication: As the cause of the common infantile rash is found in some base viral infection, and antibiotics are ineffective over the virus, common antibiotics should not be used over newborns.
In case of itchy presentation, consulting a pharmacist is suggested for proper medication.

Specialist: Rashes on the skin are usually an indication of the end of a viral infection. If the fever and rashes co-exist, however, consulting the doctor becomes necessary.

Diseases like measles and jaundice could also be a cause. If any of these seem to be the case, consult a pediatric expert immediately.
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