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All You Need to Know About Hypopigmentation


A condition of loss of skin color or pale skin color, which may because of disease or trauma.

Approximately, 1 in 20 people generally have at least one hypopigmented macule.(1)

- Prevalent among men and women
- Can occur to anyone
- May not have a cure in some cases
- Treatments available to reduce the intensity

A condition where patches of skin that are lighter than the overall skin tone of the body due to less melanin in the skin. It may occur in form of spots or cover the entire body. Treatment requires to find out the root cause. Genetic conditions, injuries, and burns or illness may cause the condition.

Ages affected – Genetic condition appears from childhood; it may appear before age of 30 except for injuries and burns.


Loss of skin color should be reported to a medical professional immediately for further treatment and check-up.

People may experience
Discoloration – Pale and low skin color
Patches – Skin patches appearing in the body or spreading over


Self-care: There is no self-care for the skin condition. Medical treatment is required. For those patches that are caused by accidents or injuries, care should be taken while being near electric or heating substances.

Medications: Underlying condition is first to be found to give treatment. Physical examination will be required. A biopsy is required in a few cases. Treatment options range from chemical peels or laser, lightening gels, or light therapy.

Specialists: In any case of the above-mentioned symptoms, the health care provider should be consulted. At mfine, we have experienced dermatologist to provide you with a total and complete health care program.

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