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Does Facial Hyperpigmentation Only Mean Brown Patches? Read To Know More


A condition in which uneven pigmentation damages the skin, especially on the face.

Melasma occurs in 10–15 percent of pregnant women and in 10–25 percent of women taking oral contraceptives. [1]

- Treatable by a medical professional
- Usually self-diagnosable
- Lab tests or imaging not required
- Chronic: can last for months, years or be lifelong

Hyperpigmentation of facial skin is a common skin problem. Since skin pigmentation occurs more strongly in dark skin, it can lead to psychosocial stress. Melasma is a type of facial hyperpigmentation which includes the formation of large dark patches on the face. It can be seen in both men and women, especially during pregnancy. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurs when a skin injury or trauma heals and leaves a flat area of discoloration behind. It is also common among acne sufferers.

Ages affected: Mostly adults aged between 18 to 60 years, both men and women


Symptoms include dark colored patches which appear mostly on the forehead, nose, and chin.

People may experience:
Common symptoms: Skin darkening
After effects: Might be of some previous skin treatments like laser treatment and chemical peels.


Self-care: Sunscreen can help protect the skin from further damage from sun exposure. Boosting the diet with Vitamin A food derivatives may help control hyperpigmentation.

Medication: Medicines containing hydroquinone can be used to bleach the skin, while retinoic acid helps in lightening dark spots. Steroids and topical antiseptics may be used, as per the doctor’s recommendation.

Specialists: For skin treatment, consult a dermatologist or an OBGYN doctor. At mfine, we provide you with highly recommended treatment regimes supervised by the best of doctors.

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