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Hyperpigmentation And Its Cause


Hyperpigmentation is the condition when excess melanin is formed in the skin. Hyperpigmentation can occur due to a number of reasons.
Some of the reasons for hyperpigmentation are:
- Certain diseases such as Addisons disease
- Pregnancy
- Exposure to sunlight
- Certain drugs like antibiotics
- Inflammation
- UV exposure
Hyperpigmentation looks different on different skin. Lighter skin tends to have freckles and sun spots while hyperpigmentation in darker skin results in shadowy and patchy skin.


Self Diagnosable
Hyperpigmentation can be identified by spots, freckles, irregular patches that are darker than the rest of the skin, and shadowy skin. However, these signs can also be signs of other skin conditions, and the final diagnosis must be done by a dermatologist.
Hyperpigmentation can be in many forms:
- Sunspots
- Age Spots
- Melasma
- Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation



Self Care: You can protect yourself by wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 every day. Stay in the shade and wear a hat when out in the sun.

Medications: Hydroquinone is known to reduce the production of melanin. It has to be applied in moderate concentration. Retin-A and steroids may also be prescribed though they are not as effective. Kojik acid is a great over the counter option to reduce hyperpigmentation along with Vitamin C.

Specialists: Hyperpigmentation can be a sign of an underlying condition which will have to be resolved. At mfine, we care about your health. Please check out our holistic health program today.

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