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Hair color and hair shaft abnormalities: Everything you need to know


A condition where there is an abnormal change in color, density, length and structure of the hair shaft.

Androgenetic alopecia, a type of hair loss disorder, affects 50% of men by
the age of 50 and 40% of women by the age of 70. [1]

➢ It needs to be treated medically.
➢ It has to be diagnosed using lab tests and physical examination using an optic and polarized light microscopy.
➢ Can be localized or generalized.
➢ Can be of two types based on the fragility of the hair.

The disorder is caused due to genetic factors and external injuries. The external injuries include physical injuries such as excessive grooming, excessive exposure to heat from a hair-dryer and chemical injuries such as dyes, lotions, and gels.

The condition is most common in those above 49 years of age.


Symptoms include coarse hair, loss of hair and brittle, dry hair.

People may experience
The growth of hair in all directions and lusterless hair.


Self-care: Avoid excessive grooming such as hair weaving, straightening or dying and reduce exposure of hair to sunlight.

Medications: Conditioners and over- the- counter medications can be taken as per advice from a doctor.

Specialists: If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above consult a dermatologist. Book an appointment with mfine to undergo world-class health programs to ensure a disease-free life for yourself."

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