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How to Prevent Generalized Xerosis?


The term generalized xerosis is used to define abnormally dry skin.

It is a common condition that is experienced by millions of individuals either chronically or may be acute. [1]

The lessening of the oil in the skin leads to generalised xerosis. They are caused by the following reasons.
● Over scrubbing of the skin
● Taking a long bath
● Towel drying for a long time
● Low humidity
● Dry weather
● Overheating and dehydration

Xerosis is caused because of the environmental factors and decrease in oils on the skin surface.


The sweat glands and sebaceous glands will become inactive. Excessive dry skin that can make the person feel tight and uncomfortable.

People might experience
● Dry and itchy skin after bath
● Red and pink skin
● Irritated skin
● Cracks in the skin
● White and flaky skin

Pain areas
There is no particular pain experienced.
Types of pain
No experience of pain in generalised xerosis.
Pain circumstances
When the skin cracks and irritates or if there is blood oozing out from the skin.
No muscular effects or pain is experienced.
Most common
Dryness and itchiness in the surface of the skin.


Self care
Frequent use of moisturisers that are mainly oil based can help.
Take bath in suitably warm water.
Treatment with coconut oil is very effective.
Drinking lots of water is a good treatment.
Avoid the places that is high in heat density.

Medications: Over-the-counter products, topical creams containing urea or lactic acid.

If the skin is falling off you have to consult the doctor. Our expert doctors at mfine will guide you to prevent the oncoming of generalized xerosis. You can get the best treatment for your condition with us.

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