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What is Follicular Disorder Syndrome?

Follicular disorder or folliculitis is a cause of concern for many. In this condition, the hair follicles develop inflammation. This medical condition is more among males as they shave regularly. With proper follicular disorder treatment from mfine’s best skin specialists, you can get rid of hair fall and pain.

Symptoms of Follicular Disorder

These are some of the symptoms of follicular disorder:

Red bumps: Red bumps on the skin is the first indicator of the onset of this disease.

Pimples: Patients will also find pimples with whiteheads.

Burning sensation: A dermatologist knows that a burning sensation is another sign of folliculitis.

Itching: Most patients say that folliculitis causes excessive itching.

Skin swelling: The affected area will start to itch when the infection spreads.

Sharp pain: Ignoring the condition will only make it worse. Lack of medication will cause a lot of pain.

Consult a good skin specialist from mfine to get these symptoms checked and treated.

Causes of Follicular Disorder

Fungal and bacterial infections: The main follicular disorder causes are bacterial infections. Some fungi also pave the path for similar infections in the follicles.

Spread of acne: People with acne-prone skin also tend to suffer from this complication.

Genetic causes: Sometimes, the genetic makeup of a person triggers these follicular issues.

Diagnosing Follicular Disorder

All medical experts on mfine will visually examine the affected area. A follicular disorder specialist or a hair fall doctor may also suggest a skin patch test to confirm the diagnosis.

Other Disorders and Follicular Disorder

Follicular Disorder may not seem serious at the onset. Delayed medical assistance will pave the path for blisters, and redness. If you scratch the infected area, germs will spread. In worst cases, it can develop into skin cancer.


The best dermatologists listed on mfine will suggest the use of antifungal shampoos to treat hair follicle disease. The medicated shampoo will keep the infection in check. Apart from this, steroid creams and pills will also come in handy to contain the infection. Antibiotics will heal the infected area from within.

Find Follicular Disorder Specialists at mfine

The follicular disorder doctors near you will offer medication for quick relief for hair follicle disease. On mfine, you will get the contact details of good skin clinics as well. From hospitals to laboratories, mfine will offer all the details that you require.

If you want quick and reliable medical advice from the comfort of your home, then get in touch with a hair fall doctor near me on mfine today!

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