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Cracked Heels? Here is What You Need to Know


The most common foot problem occurring on the bottom and outer edge of the heel.

20% of US adults aged 21 and above experience cracked feet according to the 2012 National Foot Health Assessment.

➢ Usually self-treatable
➢ Medical assistance is required when there is hardness and dryness of heels
➢ May lead to deep cracks, which are painful
➢ Can cause bleeding
Fissure feet is caused due to dry climate, fungal infection, vitamin deficiency and obesity. Individuals with diabetes and compromised immune systems are more adversely affected.
Symptoms are self-diagnosable and include flaky, dry and hard skin, and loss of sensation in the heel.

People may experience:
Bleeding, severe pain, itching and ulcers.


Self-care – Moisturizers, honey, shea butter, coconut oil and liquid bandages can be applied. A pumice stone can also be used.

Medications – Keratolytic agents to reduce pain, and emollients to boost the healing process can be used at the prescription of your doctor.
Specialists – If the fissures gradually increase and become deep, the person should see a physician or a dermatologist. Book an appointment with Mfine for a highly sophisticated and affordable treatment system.

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