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All you need to know about Face Pigmentation
Hyperpigmentation: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments
Face Pigmentation: A detailed Summary


A cosmetic condition causing darkened patches on face.

One out of six Indians are diagnosed with this problem (1)

- Diagnosable
- Harmless in nature
- Treatable

This happens due to presence of excess melanin on the skin. Melanin is responsible for colour of the skin. It can also cause due to damage of melanocytes, which are specialised cells producing melanin.


Diagnosis: Medical history is checked and a physical examination is conducted. Skin biopsy is also used as a supportive method for diagnosis.

Presence of dark patches on the face.

Dark patches vary in size.


Self-care: Use of natural organic ingredients like lemon, lime, honey, and oranges help in the treatment. Aloe vera’s application for this cause is also very beneficial.
Us of Sunscreens above SPF 30 in sunny areas is highly recommended.

Medicines: There are prescribed medicines used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Most of them contain a singular compound known as Hydroquinone. This compound bleaches the skin. Retinoic acid is also used as another compound to rectify the hyperpigmentation on the face. Medicines like Lumixyl and Elure are used for the same condition.

Chemical Peels: Beta and Alpha Hydroxy acids act as exfoliants to cure the condition.

Laser therapy: LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) is absorbed by the skin. This is converted into heat that causes vaporization of the pigmented spots. This is conducted by dermatologists.
Treatments can provide the patient with a new life. At mfine, you will receive a suitable treatment plan for optimum health.

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