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How does Discoloration of lips Occur?


Actinic cheilitis is a condition of low oxygen circulation in blood vessel causing a change of color in lips.

Around 10 to 20% of actinic cheilitis cases lead to malignant carcinoma within 20 years of diagnosis. [1]

- Medical assistance is required
- Skin biopsy and lab tests are required for diagnosis
- Can be both acute and chronic
- Takes few days to months for the symptoms to go away

In addition to discoloration, the lips also become dry and inflamed. It is commonly caused due to long term exposure to sunlight. The condition by itself is not threatening but it increases the risk of skin cancer.

Ages affected: Less than 14 years - common, 15 to 39 years - more common, above 40 years- most common.

Once lips get inflamed and discolored, it is safe to consult a doctor to make sure that it does not become a risk factor of skin cancer.


Painless, dry, cracking lips. Appearance of inflamed red or white patches mostly on the lower lip.


Self-care: Avoiding excessive exposure from sunlight. Using lip balms while going out in sunlight and using moisturizers.

Medications: Medications to kill the affected cells can be taken as per your doctor's prescription.

Specialist: If the condition prolongs, consult a doctor. Book an appointment with mfine to undergo world class treatment and to get rid of all your health disorders.

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