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Spots on your face? Could be dermatosis papulosa nigricans


Dermatosis papulosa nigricans also known as DPN is a small black or brown bumps on the face, neck, chest, and back. They are not medically concerning but can be cosmetically undesirable.

This condition occurs most frequently in blacks and dark-skinned Asians. [1]

- It tends to occur in people with darker skin tone.
- These spots or bumps range in size from 1 to 5 millimeters.
- Women are more likely to develop spots.

The cause of dermatosis papulosa nigricans is still unknown, but it is a harmless condition. They can be itchy and irritating, though they generally start to form during adolescence, and they can grow over time. They can go from smooth, round, flat bumps to rough bumps, sometimes they get small flaps attached to them which are called peduncles.


- Small, smooth and flat bumps on face.
- It can be itchy.
- The number of bumps may vary, some have multiple bumps while some have only a few.


Self-care: No treatment is needed for dermatosis papulosa nigra as it is cosmetic bothersome.

Medication: No medication is required as this condition is generally harmless.

Specialist: Specialist might recommend surgical removing methods such as curettage (involves scraping away of bumps with scoping instrument), electrocautery (involves small probe with electric current to burn the bumps), or cryosurgery (involves freezing of lumps with liquid nitrogen). Contact mfine to get a complete evaluation of the disease and get the best results.

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