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All you need to know about dermatitis herpetiformi


Chronic skin rash

Family studies show that 5% of first-degree relatives of a person with DH will also have DH.[1]

Treatable by a medical professional
- Medium-term: settles in months
- Needs a professional opinion
- Usually, lab tests and imaging has to be done
- Is related to gluten sensitivity

Dermatitis herpetiformis is a long-lasting rash, which is quite prickly and is constituted of bumps and blisters.


- Sores that resemble hives
- Upraised lesions
- Eruptions
- Blisters filled with fluid
- Eruptions on either elbow, knees, lower back, shoulders, backside, back of the neck, hairline or the scalp.


Self-care: Though there is no particular cure for Dermatitis herpetiformis, taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor and following the instructions given by them could help.

Specialists: The doctor might have to do a skin biopsy to come to a concrete conclusion about your skin rash. The doctor can even prescribe a topical cream to help with the itching sensation.

It is crucial to consult a medical practitioner to look at your symptoms. An untreated dermatitis herpetiformis could increase the chances of getting intestinal cancers, etc.
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