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Dark Lips: To Worry or Not To Worry?


A medical condition where the underlying blood vessels of the lips produce a black (or dark) color.

Dark red to blue lips signify that you need to detoxify your body immediately with healthy foods and liquids (1)

-May require professional diagnosis and treatment
-Healing is possible using home remedies in most cases
-Is not a life-threatening condition

When your lips turn black, we call it discoloration that stems from smoking, trauma, injuries, or Addison's disease. Hyperpigmentation of the lips happens when the blood vessels underlying the lips gets damaged or affected. Since your lips have only three to five cellular layers, the discoloration becomes easily visible.


Common symptoms of dark lips include allergic reaction to substances or products and hormonal disorders.

People also experience
Vitamin deficiency - which cause dark lips
Excessive iron intake - which leads to the discoloration
Dehydration - which causes the lips to get rough
Lip color changes due to the intake of specific medications like cytotoxic drugs and anticonvulsants


Self-care: One of the best home remedies for eliminating dark lips or the black spots is to apply honey, lemon juice, or apple cider vinegar on the affected areas. In addition, protecting the lips from sun exposure helps remove the discolored appearance.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe lip lightening creams if the condition looks serious. Otherwise, there are no specific medications and all you have to do is make certain lifestyle changes like quit smoking, eating healthily, and stop taking drugs.

Specialists: A specialist will make a professional diagnosis and let you know if there are any harmful lesions that appear on the affected areas. Our healthcare professionals at mfine provide customized treatment plans that meet your requirement.

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