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Crow Feet: Everything You Need to Know


Crow’s feet is a condition of the skin in which area around your eyes becomes delicate and wrinkled. Crow’s feet refers to the little lines or wrinkles that spread out from the corners of your eyes.

84% of women notice wrinkles around their eyes as the first signs of aging. [1]

A study tells that people notice crow’s feet in their mid to late 20’s.
Crow’s feet is a medical condition that usually occurs as a part of the aging process.
Sometimes it happens due to other factors such as sun exposure, menopause, sleeping position, rubbing eyes and smoking.
Whenever you notice stretch marks or long linings under or around the eyes, it is crow’s feet.

Ages affected: Mostly adults, middle-aged, and old people.


Self-diagnosable: People can see deep and prominent wrinkles around the eyes when they smile or during any muscular moment of their face. The long lining around the eye signifies this medical skin condition.

People may experience:
Pain areas - Near or under the eyes
Stretching - Skin stretching with muscular movements


Self-care: This medical condition can be cured through home remedies easily, but one needs to seek medical guidance in case it does not respond to self-care. It is advised to drink plenty of water, use a sunscreen or a moisturizer and use sunglasses to avoid sun exposure.

Medication: Your dermatologist may prescribe Botox, chemical peels like medium-depth peels and superficial peels, dermal fillers and other facial remedies.

Specialists: If crow’s feet, or laugh lines goes out of control then consult a doctor at mfine. They will help you to minimize your wrinkles and you will be able to smile again with confidence. Come on board at mfine and get your issues resolved.

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