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Hair Loss? Discover The Roots Of Your Problem.


Telogen Effluvium is a condition, which results in the thinning of hair and consequently leads to hair fall. Like Alopecia, this condition can be reversed.

Amongst women, those in the age bracket of 30-60 years are most likely to suffer from chronic Telogen Effluvium. [1]

Primary causes include:
- Long-term stress.
- Sudden shocks.
- Hormonal problems.
- Poor diet.

Telogen Effluvium becomes chronic if you experience continuous hair loss for six months or more. The chronic condition is more common in females. The most common reason is usually anemia, thyroid disease, or pregnancy.


- Noticeably more loss of hair while brushing, bathing or on your pillows.
- Thinning of hair, which is more pronounced on top of the scalp.

People may experience:
Generally, patients suffer from stress. Women may feel weak when the primary cause is anemia.

Blood tests need to be conducted to check the level of iron or thyroid and to detect possible deficiencies.


Treatment commences by first identifying the exact cause. Typically, anti-stress therapy, hormone-replacement theory, and non-surgical hair treatment are common treatments.

Self Care:
De-stress: Opt for a balanced diet, which aids in hair growth. Avoid harsh handling of your hair such as blow drying, coloring, etc.

Hair regrowth products available in the market may be useful. Consult your doctor before choosing one.

Consult a trichologist for proper diagnosis and medications. mfine is just a few clicks away, engage with us to resolve your health issues holistically.

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