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Everything You Need To Know About Benign Melanocytic Nevi.


Melanocytic nevi, located at different skin levels, are benign proliferation of melanocytes.
Most people have 10 to 40 moles. Many of these develop by the age of 50. [1]
Typically, the moles are different shades of brown such as :
- Brownish blackish
- Brownish yellowish color.
These moles can appear anywhere on the body such as fingers, toes, or scalp, and they may change in appearance over time. They may become darker or even larger due to pregnancy or hormonal changes during adolescence. Such pigmentation can sometimes, as in the case of mature cellular nevi, be skin colored.


The mole can be of different colors, shapes or sizes.
- Color and texture: They can be wrinkled, flat, smooth, raised as well as brown, red, blue, black or pink.
- Shape: They are mostly oval or round.
- Size: Moles are generally less than 1/4 inches in diameter.


- Avoid Ultra Violet Radiations. For this, one should avoid exposure to sunlight during peak times, use sunscreen year round, even on cloudy days.
- One must cover themselves by using sunglasses, broad-brimmed hats, and long sleeves.
- There are clothing items that are made to block UV Radiations too.
- Avoid tanning lamps and beds.
Medical treatment is inappropriate and usually ineffective.
A mole may be cancerous and there are procedures to remove it. In case it grows back, a specialist should be contacted immediately. A specialist can tell if the mole is normal or requires further treatment. At mfine you will find a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

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