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Beckers Nevus: Look out for this pigmentation


Becker’s Nevus is known to be a noncancerous, large, brown birthmark. It is usually noticed during the period of puberty and occurs on one shoulder and upper trunk.

Becker’s Nevus affects both males and females, though males are at a much higher risk as compared to females with a ratio of 4:1.[1]

Becker’s Nevus:
- Can have certain complications like acne
- Cause is yet largely unknown
- Treatment might not be required unless acne and other cosmetic concerns develop

Genetic mutations or defects have been suspected to be its cause, but the fact is yet not widely proved.


- Abnormally pigmented skin
- Presence of thickened skin and unusual hair growth at the site
- Skin lesion may be painless and nonitchy

Becker’s Nevus can be diagnosed through Dermoscopy, Wood’ lamp examination, and skin biopsy. This can sometimes be associated with other abnormalities like smooth muscle overgrowth, bone deformities, enlarged limbs, swollen scrotum, or enlarged adrenal glands. These are the symptoms of Becker’s Nevus Syndrome.


Self-care: The current medical research has not been able to discover any way to treat the occurrence of Becker’s Nevus. If signs and symptoms of Melanoma are observed, then immediate medical attention is required.
Medication: If required, surgical excision or laser therapy can be used to completely remove the lesion and address the cosmetic issues. If Becker’s Nevus is found associated with acne, then the acne will also have to be applied. Creams, gels, dermabrasion, and skin surgery can be applied for the same. Treatment for Becker’s Nevus Syndrome includes regular screening and checkups.
Specialists: For other kinds, please consult a dermatologist at the earliest. We at mfine can help you with various fields of health issues. You can get in touch with us onboard for a holistic treatment program.

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